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Texas Coalition for Human Rights Videos

Letting Maps Tell The Story

Using only maps, we look at the history of the region now known as Israel/Palestine. We also look at relatively recent maps to try and understand daily life in Israel/Palestine.

This presentation was prepared for the Texas Alliance for Geographic Education and the Texas Council for the Social Studies’s annual conference. The actual presentation was made on October 3rd, 2020.

Engaging with Israeli and Palestinian Perspectives through Primary Source Analysis

Using a variety of primary sources in this video, we look at the history of the Israeli-Palestinian situation. Based on some sources we develop one narrative. Then using historical thinking skills, including deep reading, descriptive language analysis, and contextualization, we identify what might be missing in the first narrative. Based on additional sources we then develop a second narrative and compare them.

This exercise highlights the important role primary sources can play in generating historical narratives. The presentation shows how one can apply historical thinking skills to scrutinize those sources and develop a more accurate historical narrative. These skills are developed while sharing multiple perspectives and a basic understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

This presentation was prepared for the National Council for the Social Studies 2021 Annual Convention.

2022 NCSS - Poster Presentation:
Using Maps to Analyze U.S. Middle East Policy